Terms and Conditions

Dogs and their humans

You agree to use Blackdown Hills Puppy and Dog Activity Park at your own risk and not to hold the owners and any other staff responsible for any injury for you or your dogs. The parks are sites with uneven ground, long grass, water and obstacles. Whilst there are large fences we cannot guarantee there will be no other wildlife in the park. Care should be taken as you would during any countryside location. 

Ticks are often present in grassy, wooded areas. We therefore recommend you check your dog for ticks when you get home. Your dog should be up to date with all their vaccinations.

There are pathways that make it easy to access the park, but these may get muddy or slippy when wet. 

If you bring family or friends you agree to take full responsibility for their safety, ensuring that they too abide to the terms and conditions. You are welcome to bring children, but they must be supervised at all times. Our dog training obstacles are not a children’s play park and we are not responsible for any injuries associated with children using our facility. 


Using the park

You must have left the park promptly BEFORE the end of your session, to allow the next booking to enter on time. If you leave the field late we reserve the right to disallow future bookings. 

We are in the middle of the countryside where you’ll frequently find tractors and even cows crossing fields, so please leave enough time to arrive at your booked slot.If you arrive early you must wait outside of the car park, inside your car. There is a special designated waiting area for this – one for each park.

You are welcome to bring as many humans as you would like, but you must not bring any more dogs than the amount you have booked for. Do not let any other  strangers or dogs into the field. 

We encourage you to car share where possible. 

It is your responsibility to pick up all your dog’s waste and any rubbish and dispose of it in the bins provided.

You agree to close all gates behind you to ensure the park remains a secure and safe place for dogs. 

There are no lights in the park so we recommend bringing a torch and lights for your dog if your session is in the dark. 

Fresh water is provided, but please bring your own bowl.

Important Policy Update: Rules of XL Bully Dogs in the Park

XL Bully Dogs are able to use our park on the following basis:

1. The dog is registered with the index of exempted dog (IED).
2. The dog handler ratio is 1:1 with their handler at all times unless with other dogs from the same household.
3. Handler has a life certificate and public liability insurance certificate for the XL Bully Dog. 
4. The dog is Neutered – in line with Government Rules.
5. The dog is Micro Chipped.
6. The dog is kept on a lead and muzzled until the gate is shut when entering the field.
7. The dog is put back on a lead and muzzled before opening the gate to leave the field.
8. You can remove the lead and muzzle once inside the secured field.
9. If the household has more than 1 dog, they can come to the field together as long as they have a minimum of 1 handler. All dogs leads and muzzles can be removed once in the field including the XL Bully. 
10. If there are dogs from different households in your booking, the banned breed will need to remain muzzled and on a lead at all times with a 1:1 handler.

If you have any further questions regarding the above terms, please email us at info@blackdownhillsdogpark.com.

The terms listed above are set by our Insurers.




The site

The dog park is located on a working farm. You will drive along a driveway until you reach the dog field car park. You are not permitted to explore the farm and must stay within the dog park car park and field. 


The fence

We inspect the fence regularly for holes and damage and ensure to the best of our ability that it is a safe place for your dog to be let off the lead. You agree to notify us if you spot any damage. We cannot however take any responsibility for any dogs escaping the field.


Changing your booking

All bookings must be paid for in advance. We operate a 48hour cancellation policy. Unfortunately cancellations made within 48hours of the appointment will not be refunded.